Peck and Company Client Acquitted in Multi-Count Sexual Assault Case

Peck and Company lawyers Eric V. Gottardi, K.C., Rachel Wood, and Sarah Pringle successfully defended their client against a 13-count indictment involving allegations of sexual and physical assault. The complainant’s evidence unraveled over the course of a rigorous cross-examination and left the trial judge with a reasonable doubt. The client was found not guilty on all counts.

Peck and Company Wins Sexual Interference Appeal

Peck and Company lawyers Richard C.C. Peck, K.C., and Mark Iyengar successfully appealed a client’s convictions for sexual interference and other related offences. The Court found that the trial judge’s reasoning was seriously flawed and ordered a new trial. In doing so, the Court recognized the important role of appeals in protecting against wrongful convictions.

The Court of Appeal’s decision can be found here.