Practice Areas

Depth of Experience

Peck and Company’s lawyers work in all areas of criminal and quasi-criminal law. The firm brings a broad experience and a team-based approach to our advocacy. Our work ranges from driving offences to complex murder charges, extradition proceedings, and constitutional issues. We have the resources and depth of experience to address any criminal law problem.

Our Areas of Practice include:

  • Criminal Charges: including driving charges, drug charges, commercial crime charges, assault and sexual assault charges, and murder.
  • Extradition: including applying for judicial interim release (bail) during extradition proceedings, representation at extradition hearings, and appealing extradition judgments.
  • Constitutional Law: including providing opinions on the constitutionality and applicability of legislation, and applications for the exclusion of evidence at trial through the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • Appeals: including appeals against both conviction and sentence to the British Columbia Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada.